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Passport Bros Lifestyle Goods™ -Rules of Engagement Poker Cards
  • Passport Bros Lifestyle Goods™ -Rules of Engagement Poker Cards

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    To the winner goes the spoils, such is the "Game of Life". For many men, in the arena called matrimony, the lack of prudent knowledge can be catastrophic to their lives as well as to their legitimate offspring. With laws within the U.S. Court system being highly biased against men, understanding the "Rules of Engagement" BEFORE entering the "marriage contract" can make all the difference between them winning or losing in this Game called Life. Knowing their rights as well as exploring their marriage options on a global scale, can make all the difference. From Passport Bros Lifestyle Goods™, we are proud to introduce our "Rules of Engagement Poker Playing Cards".


    Guaranteed to add an exciting layer to your poker night, these unique "Rules of Engagement" playing cards are a must-have for any serious card player. Made with high-grade 300gsm paper that features a glossy UV-resistant coating, this deck resists cracking and folding when the stakes are high. Each set features 52 cards, 2 jokers, and comes in a white box.


    It's the perfect gift for every man and the perfect card for every man to keep in his wallet to serve as a reminder:  "Protect Yourself...Know Your Rights...Know Your Value...Know Your Worth.








    .: Material: 300gsm UV-coated glossy paper
    .: One size: 2.5" x 3.7" (6.4 x 9.4 cm)
    .: The set includes 52 cards + 2 joker cards
    .: Product comes in a white box