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Thinking Man on Couch

Men's Charitable Organizations

"I am my brother's keeper...for one day may come that I indeed need help from him to be mine"....Anonymous 

We have all been one way or another, when we simply needed a helping hand, a word of encouragement, a second chance, or simply someone just to sit and listen as we conveyed our story of what we were going through. 

It is in this spirit of kindness and giving help when needed, that we are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from each product sold, to various charities that are dedicated to helping and providing healthcare advice, research, and health-related resources to men.

For us, one of our core philosophies is that, if there is a man in need of healthcare help, no matter where he may be, regardless of town, village, country, or nation... we believe he deserves access to that help in a fair and equitable way. For far too long Men's healthcare has been pushed to the side, ignored, and simply taken for granted. We sincerely hope through donations and awareness that Men's healthcare will finally get the much-needed attention and assistance it deserves.


Here is a list of the various charities dedicated to helping within the areas of Men's Health:

  • [Note]: Before donating to any charity, it's essential to verify their credibility and effectiveness in utilizing funds for their stated mission. Websites such as Charity Navigator ( and GuideStar ( can help you evaluate the financial health, accountability, and transparency of non-profit organizations.

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