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Blue Book Gentlemen

Driven by confidence, competence, and an innate sense of excellence, the Blue Book Gentleman travels the world for reasons that supersede romance, money, or adventure. He travels because he can, and his high-value lifestyle reflects that.


Success is written in his DNA within multiple areas of his life. Financially independent and relatively stable, he’s the type of guy most fellas want to be like and the guy most women wish they had. He’s a jet-setting aesthete who takes great pleasure in the vicissitudes of life, whether they be winning a small fortune at the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco or swapping hilarious failed romance stories with a buddy sitting ringside at a Kickboxing match in Thailand. He is, what the wise elders would call, “a down-to-earth old soul”. His net worth is not measured simply in dollars and cents, but in the valuable key networks and relationships he has cultivated over the years with friends and colleagues. Some Blue Book Gentlemen are married to beautiful women from exotic destinations all over the world, but many others are not.

For the Blue Book Gentleman, going to Scotland to attend a major Golf tournament or traveling to Italy to attend the annual Venice International Film Festival is simply par for the course. His travels are not necessarily about the event, but more about the life-enriching experience gained from "experiencing" them. Not constrained nor limited by anything or anyone…. his character, manner, and lifestyle speak for themselves... He is the very essence of what we would call, “a successful man who marches to the beat of his own drum.”

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