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Billionaire Social Calendar

Where To Network with The World's Super Rich & High Net Worth Individuals Throughout The Year:

  • If you inquire, you will learn that time, not money, is the most valuable resource to a billionaire. Given that the average age of billionaires is 63.2 for men and 62.2 for women, they place a high value on their time and the people they choose to spend it with.

  • Like everyone else, billionaires like to make friends with others who have comparable interests, skills, and lifestyles to them. But the obvious distinction is that they often have sizable social networks that include other ultra-high net worth (UHNW) people and frequently even other billionaires.

  • A billionaire typically has nine additional UHNW people in his network, including three other billionaires. In terms of their passions, interests, or pastimes, the world's elite listed travel as their second most popular choice, only behind philanthropy, with 31% of all billionaires engaging in or considering engaging in travel-related activities.

  • Travel is often seen as a social function for these people since they tend to have routines when it comes to their social engagement and have options that aren't constrained by budgetary considerations or limitations. The majority travel in close-knit, well-known social circles, attending the same occasions and gatherings all over the world to catch up with friends. Many members of this exclusive society see participation in certain prominent annual events as being very significant.

  • Where might you expect to find this exclusive group of global jet setters in any given month?

  • Billionaires and High net worth individuals circulate in small social groups. Considering that they often attend the same invitation-only parties year after year, they frequently end up becoming close friends.

  • Believe it or not, you can rub elbows with the gorgeous, powerful, and insanely wealthy "IF" you know where to look for them and have a basic understanding of how the various "levels" of networks connected to them operate. This applies to events like the celebrity-studded Wimbledon in London and the tech- and business-savvy Davos conference in Switzerland.

Here is a list of the most favored worldwide destinations on the traditional social events calendar of many billionaires and the ultra-wealthy:

The Official Passport, Blue Book GentlemenWorld Economic Forum photo



  • Davos World Economic Forum – Davos, Switzerland

  • Art Stage – Singapore

  • Sundance Film Festival – Utah, United States

  • St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow – St. Moritz, Switzerland

  • Cresta Run – St. Moritz, Switzerland



  • White Turf International Horse Races – St. Moritz, Switzerland

  • Superbowl – United States

  • Vienna Opera Ball – Vienna, Austria

  • Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show – Miami, United States

The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Mira Sorvino Vienna photo
The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Dubai World Cup



  • Dubai World Cup – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • International Ballet Festival – Moscow, Russia

  • Art Basil Hong Kong – Hong Kong, China



  • US Masters Golf Tournament – Georgia, United States

  • Singapore Yacht Show – Singapore

Singapore Yacht Show
The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Cannes Film Festival



  • Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France

  • Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este Car Show – Cernobbio, Italy

  • Glyndebourne Opera Festival – East Sussex, United Kingdom

  • Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix – Monaco

  • Kentucky Derby Horse Race – Kentucky, United States



  • Henley Royal Rowing Regatta – Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

  • European Soccer Championships – Europe

  • US Open Golf Tournament – Pennsylvania, United States

  • Royal Ascot Gold Cup Horse Race – Berkshire, United Kingdom

The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Royal Ascot
UK Tennis



  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Gold Cup – Midhurst, United Kingdom

  • Wimbledon Tennis Championship Finals – London, United Kingdom

  • Bayreuther Wagner Music Festival – Bayreuth, Germany



  • US PGA Golf Championship – North Carolina, United States

  • Venice International Film Festival – Venice, Italy

  • Beijing International Music Festival – Beijing, China

The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Venice Film Festival
The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Monaco Yacht Show



  • Monaco Yacht Show – Monaco

  • Salon Prive Supercar Show – Woodstock, United Kingdom

  • Ryder Cup Golf Championship – Minnesota, United States

  • Singapore F1 Grand Prix – Singapore

  • New York Fashion Week – New York, United States

  • London Fashion Week – London, United Kingdom

  • Milan Fashion Week – Milan, Italy

  • Paris Fashion Week – Paris, France



  • Frieze Masters Art Show – London, United Kingdom

The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Art Frieze London
Melbourne Horse Race



  • Melbourne Cup Horse Race – Melbourne, Australia

  • Bal des Débutantes Fashion Show – Paris, France




  • La Scala Opera House Opening Night – Milan, Italy

  • Art Basil Show Miami – Miami, United States

  • St. Bart’s New Years Eve Celebrations – St. Barths, Caribbean

The Official Passport, Blue Book Gentlemen Milan Opera House
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