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"Save The Lives of Millions of Men"- Join Passport Bros LLC in Advocating for Men's Rights


We, the undersigned, humbly request your support for the "Help Save The Lives of Millions of Men"- Join Passport Bros LLC -The Official Passport, in Advocating for Men's Rights Petition." This vital campaign aims to bring about comprehensive nationwide reforms in areas that significantly impact the lives of men across America, including Marriage and Divorce laws, Sexual Misconduct False Allegations, Alimony, Men's Reproductive Rights, Child Support, and Paternity Fraud.


In our nation today, millions of men are facing severe challenges due to the outdated American legislative system, particularly concerning divorce and child support. Despite nearly 70% of all divorces being initiated by women, men often bear the brunt of financial responsibility for the end of a marriage. In many of the cases, the woman’s decision to divorce quite often leads to the destruction of the family unit. Equally, unjustly, men are compelled to pay alimony for a woman's decision to divorce, leading to severe financial hardships, depression, substance abuse, and tragically, even suicide. The connection between financial ruin, increased rates of depression, women preventing fathers from being active participants within their children’s lives, false allegations, and suicide among men, is undeniable.

The Alarming Reality: 

The current state of the American legislative system, the Justice system, and the highly biased Family court system, as well as the lack of helpful resources, is contributing to the loss of lives among men across the nation. Simultaneously, an unfortunate anti-masculinity agenda promoted by Western Modern Feminist groups has caused a devastatingly negative rift between men and women, which has led to numerous rippling effects throughout society. Men are simply choosing to opt-out. Opt out of dating, opt out of marriage, opt out of everything. As reported by CBS News on January 6, 2023, millions of American men (7.2 million) within the prime working age range of 25 to 54 are neither employed nor actively seeking work, creating a significant economic gap. They’ve simply chosen to opt out and seek better options for their lives elsewhere.

The Call for Change: 

This alarming trend is not a result of unemployment rates, which have been historically low. Instead, it's a direct consequence of the American legislative system failing its male citizens. The system has not only failed to adapt to changing social dynamics but has also upheld a pro-feminist, anti-masculinity agenda that perpetuates outdated Alimony, Child Support, and Paternity laws, wreaking havoc in men's lives.

The Marriage Dilemma: 

Men are increasingly reluctant to engage in marriage and dating within the Western context due to the high financial risks involved. The statistics suggest that divorce often leads to women being awarded a significant portion of men's assets and future income. For countless men, this gamble is simply too risky. They have realized their intrinsic worth and are demanding fair treatment from a system that has failed them repeatedly.

Men’s Reproductive Rights: 

The lack of men's reproductive rights within the court system and current legislation is a glaring issue that highlights the imbalance in our approach to reproductive rights. While there have been significant advancements in women's reproductive rights over the years, men's rights in this regard have often been overlooked. In many legal systems, there is a noticeable absence of clear and comprehensive provisions addressing men's rights to express their desires and concerns about parenthood before conception. This deficiency in legislation often results in men having limited control over their reproductive choices and responsibilities.

Furthermore, the lack of equal representation of men's reproductive rights within the legislative system exacerbates this problem. The majority of laws and policies related to reproductive rights have been shaped primarily by female perspectives and advocacy groups, leaving a disparity in the recognition of men's rights in this context. Achieving a more balanced and equitable representation within the legislative system is essential to ensure that both men and women have equal opportunities to voice their concerns and make informed decisions about parenthood. To address these gaps, there is a growing need for comprehensive reforms that recognize and protect men's reproductive rights, fostering a more equitable and inclusive approach to reproductive choices and responsibilities within society and the legal system.

The Rise of a Movement:

Millions of men have joined the Pro Men's Rights Movement, known as the "Passport Bros Movement," seeking a better quality of life abroad. This exodus from the United States is a direct result of a hyper anti-masculinity environment, negative female behavior and hypocritical double standards, as well as a legislative system that is biased against men in the areas of Alimony, Child Support, False Allegations, Men's Reproductive Rights, and Paternity Fraud.

What we are seeking: We, the men and allies of the Passport Bros Men's Rights Petition, are petitioning for the following:

1) Voice and Acknowledgment: 

We urge politicians and legislative institutions to listen to our concerns and take meaningful action to address the unfair treatment of men within the areas of Alimony, Child Support, Men's Reproductive Rights, and Paternity Fraud on a national level.

2) Comprehensive Reforms: 

We call for immediate federal and state-level reform within Alimony, Child Support, and Paternity Fraud laws. The system must be fair, equitable, and updated to reflect the changing dynamics of society.

3) Addressing False Allegations: 

We demand that false allegations, particularly those related to sexual misconduct or any sexual accusations, be taken seriously by the justice system. Allegations must be thoroughly investigated by independent organizations, and if proven false, the claimant should face financial and criminal consequences.

4) Investing in Men's Welfare: 

We implore the government to allocate more federal and state resources toward the creation of national programs addressing issues such as preventing homelessness among men of all ages, men's mental health, early intervention and suicide prevention, and recovery programs for alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse.

5) Investment in Business Creation and Mentorship Programs:

Unfortunately, within our current society, for many young men as well as men overall, significant support and resources are lacking within the areas of Vocational Skills Training, Business Creation Mentorship Programs, Life Skills Training, Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution Training, Team Building Skills, Small Business Financing Programs for young men, Affordable housing, Apprenticeship programs, and helpful Rites of Passage Programs. We are advocating for investment and funding within these areas. Programs such as these are desperately needed for young men, young men aging out of the Foster Care system, men trying to get back on their feet after traumatic experiences (divorce, military service trauma, etc.), men who simply need help and a second chance to get their lives back on track.

Billions of dollars are spent daily by the U.S. government regarding foreign affairs issues, surely, its male citizens are of equal importance and deserve immediate help and consideration as well.

6) Marriage and Divorce Law Reform: 

We advocate for complete reform within all Marriage and Divorce laws, making them more equitable and balanced, holding women equally accountable for their decisions, especially within the areas of earnings and finance.

7) Men’s Reproductive Rights Legislation: 

(This legislation would be the first of its kind...let's make History Together)

In discussions of reproductive rights, the focus has often been on women's choices and decisions regarding pregnancy and childbirth. However, it's crucial to acknowledge and respect men's reproductive rights as well. When two individuals engage in sexual intercourse, both parties should have the right to express their desires and concerns regarding the potential consequences of their actions.

One fundamental aspect of men's reproductive rights is the ability to clearly communicate their intentions regarding parenthood before engaging in sexual activity. If a man explicitly tells a woman that he does not want to have a child, it is essential that his wishes be respected. Just as women have the reproductive right to terminate a pregnancy regardless of the father's desires, men should have the corresponding right to state their intentions not to become parents.

In the event that a pregnancy occurs despite the man's expressed desire not to have a child, it is only fair and just that he not be held financially liable or responsible for the child's upbringing, should the woman decide to continue with the pregnancy. This approach ensures that both parties have an equal say in the decision-making process surrounding parenthood. Just as a woman assumes sole responsibility for her decision to proceed with or terminate a pregnancy, a man who has made his intentions clear should not be financially obligated if the woman chooses to have the child against his wishes.

Men's reproductive rights are not about denying women their choices but rather about ensuring equity in decision-making regarding parenthood. Just as women should have control over their reproductive destinies, men should have the right to express their intentions and not be financially burdened if their wishes are disregarded. It's imperative to foster a system that respects both men and women's reproductive rights, allowing for informed and consensual decisions that ultimately benefit everyone involved.


The time to act is now. By collectively standing together and uniting our voices we can make history and improve the lives of millions of men. There’s power in numbers of people coming together for a greater good and a noble cause and saving the lives of men is such a cause. We believe that by addressing these critical issues, we can create a fairer, more equitable society that benefits everyone. We ask for your support in signing this petition and standing with us to bring about positive change for men's rights here in America and eventually to other countries where men’s rights are being negatively impacted by modern Western feminism. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the American legislative system reforms outdated laws and upholds justice and equality for all. Sign and share this petition today to join us in our fight for a brighter future for Men all over the world.

Plan of Action: 

Once we have obtained enough signatures, we will be contacting both, all 2024 Presidential Candidates and various Congressional groups to present these valid Men’s issues that many Men across the country need and want to be addressed. We must remember, there are approximately 164 million Men in America. Of that 164 million Men, a significant portion vote annually all across the country. We are men. We must remember, there is strength in numbers, and we have the voting as well as the financial power to influence positive change on our behalf. By presenting these valid issues to the Political entities who possess the power to help us, their actions or inactions, will immediately show whether or not they deserve our vote as well as our support.

To all political entities and interested parties who are willing to champion change and law reform within the areas of Marriage, Divorce, Alimony, Child Support, False Allegations, Men’s Mental Health and Paternity Fraud, as well as champion Men’s Rights within the areas we’ve discussed contained in this Petition, we stand with you.



To all political entities and interested parties who are willing to take action regarding these issues that are negatively impacting the lives of millions of men all across this nation, we stand with you.

To all political entities and interested parties who are willing to stand with us, we stand with you…


WE NEED YOUR HELP...(Please make sure to Sign, Promote, and Share this important Petition on all of your Social Media Platforms), Thank you so much for your help.

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