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New Arrivals
The Official Passport Bros. com Young Man Backpacking


The Legend and ultimate original "Passport Bro" Lenny Kravitz coined the essence of this rapidly growing modern movement way back in 1998 with his classic hit "American Woman".

Though slightly more complex than a tuneful soundbite, this serious issue regarding millions of men's frustration with many "modern women's" lack of /nor care for "traditional values, along with numerous other disturbing

trends on the rise across the nation, has encouraged thousands of Men to leave the American landscape. It is this complete disregard for Men's thoughts, opinions, and values, as well as the proliferation of the toxic Western dating /marriage culture which has caused many Men to look elsewhere, in hopes of permanently finding Peace, Appreciation, RespectKindness, and Love from women within various foreign countries abroad.


Called "Passport Bros" by many, these modern-day Adventurers are blazing new unprecedented trails within the global Manoshpere unlike any other group witnessed before. Transcending all socio-economic levels nationwide, these men, both young and old, of every race, creed, and color; have come to realize the true value of their worth and are taking their resources as well as themselves to countries where they are highly valued and appreciated. 

We here at The Official Passport empathize with and dutifully support our fellow Passport Traveling Brothers, Blue Book Gentlemen,  Digital Nomads, and all men (who carry themselves with dignity, self-respect, and integrity) as they travel and discover some of the most amazing foreign cultures abroad. We fully understand that making the decision to leave one's homeland in search of better opportunities or "real" Peace, Appreciation, Respectkindness, and Love abroad, is not an easy decision to make. Choosing to take one's economic resources, knowledge capital, and skillsets to foreign shores is not for the faint-hearted.


It takes courage and real confidence to leave the "American" chaotic dating /marriage /

divorce "merry-go-round" and Western unbalanced "Work /Life" mind-numbing routine, permanently behind in hopes of finding both, a new more rewarding peaceful life as well as a meaningful holistic future. 

For many men in the West, the prospect of dating (which hopefully doesn't end in false accusations of harassment), marriage (that doesn't end in divorce, meaning a significant long-term financial loss), and /or siring children (that are hopefully "biologically" theirs), is a significant "risky" proposition. It is for this reason, that so many men have simply "opted-out" of the dating & marriage scene and have chosen to go their own way. They have realized both, the toxic nature of the current Western dating /marriage scene, as well as their real options and true value within the global dating /marriage market. Western society’s current social infrastructure is literally on the verge of collapse, and many of these men have had the wisdom and foresight to see this emerging decline and are wisely going elsewhere for better opportunities, more importantly, for a better quality of life.


With the understanding that honest discourse and open dialogue are the key ingredients needed for any productive societal change, we here at the Official Passport look forward to positively contributing to the global Passport Bros discussion, discussing important issues that affect Men, connecting with Passport Bros, Digital Nomads, and other influential Blue Book Gentlemen from countries all over the world. We believe that building a supportive "Ex-Pat" economic infrastructure network (which financially helps the various foreign communities resided within) provides the key component needed to establish trust & build long-term relationships within these communities. 


We believe it is this mutually beneficial goal of "real" economic community building (at the Passport Bro /Digital Nomad/ "Ex-Pat" level) which possesses the power to encourage many of these communities to make permanent residency for Passport Bros a very much welcomed thing. As most of the "Ex-Pat" entrepreneurial Passport Bro community work for themselves or remotely, building a supportive economic empowerment zone for local communities as well as for this rapidly growing community, is truly a "Win-Win" on all sides. 


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Questions? Comments? or even a general "Hello" is more than welcomed here at The Official Passport  Feel free to drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



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